Agile Project Management: Sprint Review Meeting: 15 tips to demo and continuously improve your product (agile project management, agile software development, … sprint review, scrum master, scrum, demo)


Agile Scrum Demos and Sprint Review Meetings Just Got Easier

“Sprint Review: 15 tips to demo and continuously improve your product”.

This class contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your sprint review and demo as part of an agile scrum team.

I am sure you will get value from this because it gives you a complete introduction to agile scrum sprint reviews and walks you step by step through carrying out and improving sprint reviews in your team or business from the ground up. It also gives you plenty of examples. It tells you EXACTLY how I have carried out sprint reviews in practice and guides you through some common best practices based on extensive research. In this class you will learn:

• A brief recap of agile and scrum principles

• Why the sprint review is so powerful for inspecting, adapting, demoing and improving your product

• How to carry out a sprint review in your team or business like the pros

• Concise tips and options for improving your sprint review and taking them to the next level

So let’s get into the next chapter. Allow me to help you to learn, improve and master the agile scrum sprint review!

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

What is Agile Scrum? 6

What is the Sprint Review? 8

Walkthrough: How to run a Sprint Review Meeting 10

Introduction 10

Typical Artifacts 10

Explanation – The Process 12

The Preparations 12

The Setup 13

Conducting the Meeting 13

Ending the Meeting 15

In Summary 16

Tip 1 – Conduct Product Demos in All of Your Sprint Review Meetings 17

Tip 2 – Don’t Focus Too Much on the Demo 19

Tip 3 – Be Transparent All Throughout the Meeting 21

Tip 4 – Know Just How “Done”, Done is 23

Tip 5 – Accept that New Features are Almost Always a Possibility 25

Tip 6 – Discuss Features with Product Owner before the Actual Sprint Review Meeting 27

Tip 7 – Keep the Demo as Short Possible 29

Tip 8 – Keep the End User in Mind 31

Tip 9 – Don’t Limit the Demo to Being a “One-Person Show” 33

Tip 10 – Avoid Taking Shortcuts during the Demo 35

Tip 11 – Focus on Providing Value 37

Tip 12 – Learn how to deal with difficult requests 39

Tip 13 – Learn How to Deal with Potentially Difficult Stakeholders 41

Tip 14 – Do Not Be Afraid to Engage the Stakeholders 43

Tip 15 – Keep the Meeting Lively 45

Conclusion 47

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