5 Awesome Pieces of Free 3D Software

Hey guys,
I noticed recently that I’ve been finding a lot of awesome stuff for free, legally, like music and 3D software, so I thought I’d share, because who doesn’t like free stuff? I know that many of you probably just download stuff anyways, but it feels good sometimes to get things legit, and it also feels good not to have to spend any money, so this is the best of both worlds.

Software covered:
DAZ 3D Studio
Posing and dressing software, powerful because of being able to deform the figure, while keeping UVs and clothes intact.

Vue 9 Pioneer
Powerful landscape generating software, with the ability to sculpt land, add water, vegetation, and skies.

Intuitive sculpting and painting software, that’s very easy to use, featuring dynamic tessellation.

Modelling and animation package, which includes built in sculpting, compositing, and game engine.

Project Photofly (Now 123D Catch)
Cloud-based software that creates a 3D mesh from photos.


February 23rd, 2016 by